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This furniture rental company has everything for expats in Belgium

Are your professional expats looking for a place to stay that feels like home? Let us tell you something about Homepost. This furniture rental company has everything in stock to make the daily life of international co-workers a lot easier. They are able to make any apartment or house a lot more convenient, cosy and so on. The co-workers of this furniture rental company in Belgium visit your expats to determine what is missing. Just think about electrical appliances, decoration or furniture for example. Choose the perfect item via the online catalogue or trust the expertise of the team to select what you or your expats need.

They provide the best proposals

When you made a decision about what to rent from this furniture rental, they will deliver a financial proposal that totally matches your needs. In that way, every client is completely up to date with the total financial cost. Would a piece of functional furniture, a washing machine, some sun blocking drapes, a warm and cosy bed or practical cutlery make the home of your expats complete? Just have a look at the wide offer of this furniture rental company in Belgium to get started. The devoted will deliver and install the rented items of your choosing. A contract is available starting from 6 months and service is all-included in the total price of the rent. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with them

Are you or your expats headed home and no longer in need of rented items? The furniture rental company in Belgium collects everything you rented. Get started by having a look at the website to discover just a fraction of their wide range of products. Do you have a specific question for the co-workers of Homepost? Simply send them an e-mail, phone them or fill out the online contact form on the website of the company.